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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Generational Healthcare

The healthcare debate has really become a generational debate. It about the elderly vs. the young regardless of how anyone looks at it because if you look at most of the town hall meetings that took place last month than you will see that the turnout is mostly older Americans who are making the biggest ruckus. However when you look at any of the polls when it comes to healthcare reform and who wants it, it is clear that it is the younger residents of this nation that want healthcare reform especially a public option more so than elderly residents. Therefore it should not surprise anyone that perhaps the healthcare debate is a generational divide between older voters/residents and younger voters/residents because most of the elderly have healthcare while many young Americans especially those 18-35 years old don’t have healthcare. Then if we as Americans look at the number of uninsured Americans no matter if you believe it is 50 million which is more on the extreme side or 20 million which is on the modest side than you will see that many Americans even 36-40 years old don’t have healthcare as much as those 41-75+ years or older.

So with all of that said, many of us in this nation need to understand that healthcare reform isn’t easy because of the generational divide between social classes in this nation. In fact it isn’t about Democrats versus Republicans that are holding up healthcare reform but it is more so about the older Silent and Baby Boomers Generation versus the younger Hip-Hop and Social-networking Generation of Americans. This is what is transpiring when it comes to who wants healthcare reform and who doesn’t or even when it comes to what type of healthcare reform Americans want in this nation. The elderly fear healthcare reform especially when dealing with getting rid of some of the waste in Medicare and transferring much of those funds to pay for others to get healthcare is what many Americans are against. Nonetheless younger residents want a public option because many of them don’t have healthcare reform cause they are too old to be covered by their parents’ healthcare plans and perhaps they can’t afford healthcare coverage which is my case on both ends. Thus, the divide in the healthcare debate is truly generational more so than anything else and that is something many political pundits & analysis seem to ignore which discussing healthcare as well as the ruckus at the town hall meetings held across the nation.

Millennials, young Americans under 28, provided President Barack Obama most of his popular vote margin over John Mc Cain in 2008. Now their belief in the need to involve the federal government in comprehensive health care reform may become the President's most powerful argument in persuading Congress to deliver on that campaign promise this year. But to do so the President will have to overcome some serious differences between members of older generations in both parties, and in both houses of Congress, on just how accomplish that task. The Senate is almost equally divided between members of the Silent Generation, born between 1925 and 1945 and Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1964. Recent elections have raised the percentage of Boomers in the lower house to almost three fourths of all members. Of course, partisan allegiance and local politics play an important role in determining a legislator's voting decisions. But the differing perspectives of these two "leadership generations" have already influenced each house's approach to the policy debates on a number of issues so far this year and are likely to do so again on health care this summer.

Democrats in the House of Representatives, for all of their ideological posturing, are actually led by members of the Silent generation, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi (1940), Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (1939), Democratic Whip James Clyburn (1940), Dean of the House John Dingell (1926), and committee chairmen such as John Conyers (1929), Pete Stark (1931), Ike Skelton (1931), Charles Rangel (1932), John Murtha (1932), James Oberstar (1934), Dave Obey (1938), Henry Waxman (1939) and Norm Dicks (1940). The parents of the "adaptive" Silent Generation protected, some would say smothered, members of this generation during the traumatic childhood events of their youth-the Great Depression and World War II. As a result members of the Silent generation are often risk averse as adults and tend to prefer the of bi-partisan compromises that John McCain, a Silent born in 1936, talked about so often during his campaign.

By contrast, almost all of the House Republican leadership is from the Baby Boomer Generation. Boomers are the latest incarnation of what William Strauss and Neil Howe, the originators of generational theory, call an "idealist" generation. Members of this generational archetype tend to believe deeply in their own personal values and seek to use the political process to implement their personal ideological convictions for the whole nation to follow. Because the Boomer generation has been divided about equally between the two ideological poles and parties (half of them voted for Obama, half for McCain in 2008), America has experienced political gridlock for the past four decades. Boomers have spent a lifetime rebelling against the Silent Generation's belief in institutional allegiance and compromise and will find themselves once again having to accommodate the older generation's sensibilities if they actually want to pass legislation such as health care reform. Democratic Boomers will need to find common cause with the Silents in their party, while Republican Boomers are likely to emphasize their ideological differences from their Democratic counterparts. Republican Boomers will want to demonstrate their ideological commitment to lower taxes and a less active federal government. Moderate Democrats from the Blue Dog and New Democratic caucuses, who share some of these concerns with Republicans, are likely to be more willing to compromise on these issues with their Silent Generation leaders than liberal Boomers might want or be willing to.

In the Federalist Papers, James Madison said that the Senate would be a "necessary fence" against the "fickleness and passion" of members of the House of Representatives. Either George Washington or Thomas Jefferson was reputed to have called the Senate a "saucer" designed to "cool" House legislation. Whether the Senate was meant to be a fence or a saucer, in this Congress it often operates as a generational bulwark against the increasingly hot passions and partisan bulldogs who serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Senate has already played this role during this session of Congress. In the debate on the President's Recovery Act, Silent Generation Senate leaders forced the House to accommodate some of the demands of the Senate's most moderate members. During the course of that debate, House Democrats were able to prevail in the name of party unity on their Senate counterparts to accept a "rescission rule" in the budget resolution that would allow Democrats, if they so chose, to ignore the Republican minority and pass health care reform with only 51 votes. But even after that agreement, Silent generation Montana Senator Max Baucus (1941) has been determined to find a bi-partisan bill that his Republican counterpart and Silent, Charles Grassley (1933), can support. Meanwhile, Senator Chris Dodd (1944), thrust into the health care debate due to the illness and passing of Senator Edward Kennedy, has played the very typical role of those born on the cusp between both generations--seeking to find a solution that leans more to his ideological beliefs, but one which still contains an element of compromise for the other side.

But how this inter-generational interplay between the two houses and the two parties will actually play out in the health care debate will depend on how much President Obama uses his instinctive knowledge of what Millennials want to convince the Congress to get something done. Born in 1961, on the cusp between the Baby Boomers and Generation X, the President's generational style is hard to pin down. Liberal Boomers appreciate his idealism and commitment to economic equality. On the other hand, like many Gen Xers, Obama has sought to distance himself from the divisive, ideological debates of the recent Boomer past. At the same time, Obama's political behavior does not square with the harsh and cynical approach of clear-cut Gen Xers like Sarah Palin. Whether it's because of his unique upbringing in Indonesia and Hawaii, removed from the debilitating debates of the 1960s; or whether it's because his chief speechwriter is a precocious Millennial; or because of his intellectual tendency to search for consensus, President Obama's political style consistently seems to capture the very traits that his loyal Millennial supporters most admire.

Millennials are not interested in letting ideological posturing stand in the way of "getting stuff done," as Obama likes to say, especially in an area as crucial as health care. Like the members of other generations, virtually all Millennials (90%) believe that it is time that health care is made more accessible and affordable for all Americans. However, only a third of Millennials, in contrast to about half of those in older generations, are concerned about the impact of greater governmental involvement in the health care system (36% vs. 47%). And, Millennials are far less likely than older generations to prefer once again deferring health care reform to avoid higher taxes or larger deficits. The fundamental question that members of Congress from each generation, and each party, will needed to answer during this summer's health care debate as well as this fall’s was just how much they want to accomplish as opposed to scoring political points or pursuing ideological agendas. It's a classic question to which members of the Silent Generation are likely to respond with offers of compromise, even while Boomers on both sides of the aisle insist on what they consider to be non-negotiable principles. For Millennials, however, the answer is clear--reform the nation's health care system now as the next step in delivering on the kind of "change we can believe in" that their leader, Barack Obama, promised and now asks Congress to deliver.

Still some of the difficult financial choices facing uninsured Americans — whether to go to a hospital or tough out an illness, whether to pay the rent or pay doctor bills — confront young people who not that long ago had to worry only about buying gasoline or paying a cell phone bill. The age group of people 19 to 24 years old has the highest percentage of uninsured individuals, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. Thirty percent of them did not have health insurance in 2007, a number almost certainly driven higher in an arid job market. An additional 26 percent of people 25 to 34 years old were uninsured, Kaiser found. As a whole, polls have found that adults under 34 are more supportive than others of President Obama’s drive to overhaul health care, though their views are hardly unanimous. For now, some of them are without insurance by choice, gambling that their youth will keep them healthy. But others, already dealing with medical issues, say that affording medical care is a near impossibility because they either have no insurance or have inadequate coverage. For a 23-year-old woman who graduated from Duke University in 2008, her efforts to break into the film industry mean a string of internships, none providing insurance. Nor can she afford insurance with her earnings from the jobs she has taken to support herself, including a position as a nanny and as a part-timer at a boutique.

But the woman, who asked not to be identified to keep her medical condition private, has HPV, a virus linked to cervical cancer. An annual pap smear and a colposcopy, a follow-up procedure to check for cancer, cost her hundreds of dollars. “Do I keep checking that or do I save some money?” she said. “Do I do what I’m supposed to do and pay for the next procedure? Do I opt out of it because I can’t afford it?” For some, landing a steady job does not necessarily translate into insurance. Kristy Weaver, 22, began working full-time as a certified nursing assistant at a nursing home in Crescent City, Fla., when she was 16. But Ms. Weaver said that the only insurance offered through her job “wasn’t worth what you paid for it.” When Ms. Weaver was 11, doctors told her that she had ovarian cysts. Last year, a specialist told her the only way to eliminate the problem would be to remove her left ovary, an operation that she was told could cost $6,000 to $10,000. Unable to afford the surgery, she began taking heavy doses of birth control pills the doctor prescribed.

“All it did was make it worse,” said Ms. Weaver, who is now a staffing coordinator at the nursing home. Ms. Weaver now has insurance through her employer, and said she has to wait 12 months before consulting a doctor about the cysts or else the insurer could designate the problem as a pre-existing condition that will not be covered. She has six months to go. “It’s a really throbbing pain,” Ms. Weaver said. “The first time I had an attack, I thought I was losing a baby. I couldn’t catch my breath. I was in bed for three or four days.” Now, she is about $5,000 in debt from her medical bills. “I can’t get a new car,” she said. “I can’t look at buying a house.” Instead of racking up medical bills, other young people decide to forgo treatment completely.

Others like Spencer Krasch, 19, had surgery last year for Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, a condition that causes his heart to beat rapidly, while covered on his father’s insurance. Now out of high school and working in a deli, he is uninsured and has discontinued routine check-ups. But recently, when Mr. Krasch, who lives in Temple City, Calif., was helping his girlfriend move into her dorm at Pomona College, he felt as if he was having a stroke, which he said doctors told him could be a complication of the surgery. “All of a sudden the whole left side of my body went completely numb,” he said. “My lips started twitching.” But he refused to let his girlfriend’s parents call an ambulance. “That would have been way too expensive for me to pay for,” he said. Instead, Mr. Krasch waited until the symptoms subsided.

Even those who are in good health can quickly find themselves on the other side of the divide. Josh Pavlacky, 23, knows that all too well. As a graduate of a top liberal arts college, Wesleyan University, with a bachelor’s degree in studio art, he expected to find nonprofit work. Instead he is working as a dishwasher and running an art gallery out of his garage in Portland, Oregon. While in college, he was covered by the policy of his father, who works security at Costco. But now, he says, that coverage has ended and his family cannot afford to help him buy something else. So when Mr. Pavlacky got hit by a car while biking in May, he decided that a hospital visit was out of the question. Instead of seeking treatment, he had friends bring him prescription painkillers they had left over from procedures like having their wisdom teeth removed. “I was flipped over and fell on my back,” he said. “I had a bruise all down my leg and couldn’t walk for three days.” Mr. Pavlacky says he supports the president’s health care overhaul, and wishes Mr. Obama had pushed a public plan forward himself instead of turning the negotiations over to Congress and “bringing everybody into the tent.”

Young people are split on how the president is handling health care, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released Aug. 5, though they are more supportive than other age groups. In the poll, 48 percent of those ages 18 to 34 said “disapprove” while 44 percent said they “approve.” Still, 53 percent of that group said the president would do a better job at handling health care policy than Congressional Republicans, while 35 percent sided with the Republican lawmakers. Ms. Weaver, who voted for Senator John McCain for president, says she worried that a health care overhaul could make taxpayers finance a system that does not work. But she said she feels that politicians do not seem to understand what young people are going through. “It’s the people who are trying to make a foundation for themselves,” she said. “It’s so difficult for younger people who are just now starting.”

This is why the healthcare debate is a generational debate as well as an ideological debate. Now what I didn’t mention earlier is that some people in the millennial age group do worry about current and future taxes as well as the growing national debt and deficits because I am one of those. However, at the same time, I understand that many government programs usually don’t get paid for and President Obama wants to pay for healthcare reform by using current spending that is already out there to pay for. For instance the talk of using $500 million of Medicare to pay for healthcare reform is a good idea considering that that $500 million has been misused for all these decades although some might say why not redirect that toward Medicare in a better more sustainable way that won’t allow it to waste it or misuse the funds. That is a good argument but one problem I have always noticed when it comes to waste and spending in government is that if the government gives money back to a program that wasted it, it is only going to obey the government watch for so long and as soon as the government watchdog turns its head again, it will misuse or waste the funds again.

So many young people understand that this might be our last chance at getting some type of healthcare for many of us who don’t have healthcare. It is time that many in Congress who are not Generation X’s or apart of the Hip-Hip Generation yet alone the Social networking Generation understand some of the hardships that young people face when they don’t have healthcare yet alone when they can’t afford healthcare. We are only young for so long and many young people understand that some type of healthcare reform has to pass and while even some of us would love to see a public option including myself, we must understand that perhaps a public option might not happen but that shouldn’t discourage us from supporting healthcare reform. As long as the healthcare reform that is passed in Congress contains CPR-- Coverage, Prevention, Reform while making sure that CPR includes health insurance stability, affordability, quality, and patient choice than we as young people should support it. Now all Americans yet alone young people might not get covered without a public option but at least more Americans will get covered if the healthcare bill contains CPR-Coverage, Prevention, Reform- that includes health insurance stability, affordability, quality, and patient choice. This is essential to healthcare reform and this is the direction that our Congress and the White House should be heading in as they formulate the healthcare reform plan and bill that will lead us as a nation in a better direction.

This is what we as young people should push for and this is what we as young people should try to make sure that older generations understand are necessary in order to improve the healthcare conditions and system in this “Great” nation of ours. Now while there is a clear divide in healthcare reform amongst generations, it should not be the end of us as a nation getting some good positive healthcare reform that could benefit majority of Americans more so than it does now. This is the task of us as nation and this is one of the reasons why we are a “Great” nation because we find ways to compromise on issues such as healthcare in order to help the majority of Americans get healthcare. This is what we must do and why the generational divide on healthcare will not and should not stop us as a nation getting a good healthcare bill passed that contains CPR-Coverage, Prevention, Reform as well as includes health insurance stability, affordability, quality, and patient choice.

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TMiller said...

"This is what we must do and why the generational divide on healthcare will not and should not stop us as a nation getting a good healthcare bill passed that contains CPR-Coverage, Prevention, Reform as well as includes health insurance stability, affordability, quality, and patient choice."

Thoughtful post -- I appreciate it. As a conservative who opposes much of the Obama plan, I'd like to offer my rationale.

First, I don't disagree with you that much opposition is generational; however, while many of us don't agree with Joe Wilson's demeanor, we are afraid we're being lied to -- and that rather than the end game being health care for all, it's government control.

Here's why. The Obama administration argues that the primary problem in health care is the high cost of care. Many things -- other than the actual technology and labor -- are involved in that high cost, including:

1. Third-party payment (People are removed from the actual cost of care)
2. Malpractice insurance (Almost unlimited punitive damages make malpractice insurance one of the biggest costs to doctors)
3. Reaction instead of Prevention
4. High numbers of uninsured visitors to emergency rooms.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but there are several solutions that would have immediate impact on health care without the dangers of nationalization.

1. Reduce the threshhold for medical savings accounts, and make IRS reporting easier so that insurance for routine medical costs would be taken care of.
2. Block grant money to states for catastrophic coverage for those who cannot afford it.
3. Offer tax incentives to people who buy their own medical insurance comparable to the incentives their employer receives.
4. Enact tort reform that leaves actual damages intact but limits punitive damages. Cases of intentional error should be in the criminal courts, not civil courts.
5. Offer some legal protection to physicians who offer their services free in urban areas. Some free or low-cost clinics are having to close -- even though they charge nothing -- because their donations cannot cover the cost of malpractice insurance.
Obama has been unwilling to consider these solutions, which causes many of us to think he isn't concerned with the actual problem as much as he is devoted to his solution.

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America with its flaws and all is a country I am proud to have been born in. America is not perfect but my love for it is perfect. That’s why all Americans must realize that we are all Americans. In fact we are Americans first and foremost. We are not Democrats or Republicans. We are Americans.

We are not Muslims, Christians or Jews. We are Americans. Too many times we recognize our differences with others rather than appreciating our similarities which are, we are Americans. We are Americans first and foremost, no matter if we were born here or moved here legally. We are all Americans, here in this country to make not only our lives better but the lives of other Americans better so future Americans can enjoy the rights and freedoms that make us all Americans.

We are all Americans. We are one party united under God. We are Americans and this is the only political party that matters. We are Americans and this is our country so let’s make sure that we make America better than how we found it so future Americans can live prosperous and joyous lives. We are Americans and must not ever forget that.

America will prosper as long we make sure we are doing our part to make it prosper and that means we can’t put any political party or politician above America. Long live America forever and long live America’s service to the world. Together, America and the world will prosper for future generations to enjoy America and the world we live in.

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This version of the song was performed by the Grace Baptist Church Cathedral Choir, conducted by Derrick James. The video was produced and donated by Ascender Communications, LLC ( at the request of The Balm In Gilead, Inc.

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YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN is what will be sung from every mountaintop, every riverbank, every household, every school yard, every factory, every sporting event, every college campus and even every place you can imagine in the world is where YES WE CAN, will be said and heard!


Keep On Pushing - Curtis Mayfield & the Impressions

Wake Up People! No matter who is elected to any public office, we have to “Keep On Pushing” as a people to make sure they don’t leave us in a worst state than what they inherited. We as a people have to “Keep On Pushing” to make a difference in the lives of others. We have to have an “EmPOWERment By Any Means Necessary” attitude as we continue to push our agenda that we the people deserve and want better. We have to “Keep On Pushing” to bring about change in a positive way that will benefit all Americans no matter their age, their religion or skin color. We have to “Keep On Pushing” to bring about change that will improve our education system, improve our military, improve our national security, improve our healthcare system and improve our economy. We have to “Keep On Pushing” to bring about change that will leave America’s future in a better than how we found it and that will leave the world’s future in a better state than we imagined we could live it. We have to “Keep On Pushing” to make life better for our neighborhoods, our families and even our quote on quote enemies. We have to “Keep On Pushing” to inspire, to uplift and to guide those who need help spiritually, physically and mentally. We have to “Keep On Pushing ” so that our lives, our future generation’s lives and the lives of those who came before us does not die in vein.

“Keep on Pushing”

A War For Your Soul

A War For Your Soul-regular version from Erisai Films on Vimeo.

The moment has come for us as a nation of people to finally wake up and realize that our destiny and fate in society has rests on our shoulders. We cannot allow the forces of evil and darkness to drain us out. We have to continue to overcome all odds in order to make the future of our nation better and the future of future generations of Americans better. We have to continue to pray to our Lord and we have to continue to uplift each other in prayer as well as take action against those things that are trying to destroy us. We have to stand up once and for all and be the future that we want to be. Now is our time and we shall do together by any means necessary.

This video was created to inspire young African-Americans not to fall prey to some of the problems they face in society. The use of the voice "Master of Darkness" represents evil, which is where the blame of all problems should be placed, and not on any one group of people. This video should not to be used to divide people (Black & White), there are images of heroes that are white in this video, and there are images of Black & White coming together with the words of Dr. King in the background. Some of the images from the past can be unsettling, but they are used to show all Americans how far we have come, and how far we still have to go. This film is being strategically placed in school systems, churches and youth orgs around the country, in hope of helping a lost generation of kids that we as Americans have forgotten. As fellow Americans we must continue to love each other, and take that love and spread it to the rest of the world. **THIS VIDEO IS NOT FOR SALE & I AM NOT ACCEPTING DONATIONS FOR THE FILM, I ONLY WANT THE MESSAGE TO REACH AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE WITHOUT ANY HIDDEN POLITICAL OR FINANCIAL AGENDA.

Sitting On the Dock of the Bay by Otis Redding

"The time for sitting is over! The time for action is now! The time for hope without action is hopeless! The time for change without a positive attitude is a change that we can't believe in! We need change that is positive of helping all people! Our time for action is now, our time for hope is now, our time for change is now and our time to believe that we can do whatever we set our minds to is not now but right now!"


The Star-Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key

O say, can you see, by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming;
And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;
O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave?

On the shore dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o'er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, now conceals, now discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the morning's first beam,
In full glory reflected now shines on the stream;
'Tis the star-spangled banner; O long may it wave
O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave!

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion
A home and a country should leave us no more?
Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps' pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave,
From the terror of flight and the gloom of the grave;
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave!

O! thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand
Between their loved homes and the war's desolation!
Blest with victory and peace, may the heav'n-rescued land,
Praise the power that hath made and preserved us a nation.
Then conquer we must, for our cause it is just.
And this be our motto— "In God is our trust; "
And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave
O'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

Black President

Our Time is not now but Right Now! Our Time has finally come to change the world not now but Right Now! If you don't believe that we can change the world than watch as we do it by changing your mind into believing in us and what we can do! This is OUR TIME RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!


We got to FIGHT THE POWER! We can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch injustices take place. We can no longer sit by and allow our right to vote to become unexercised. We must FIGHT THE POWER for our past, present and future! We can no longer allow our rights to be oppressed and our voice to become drained by the powers at be. We must FIGHT THE POWER and show that we have a lot to say that needs to be heard by the mainstream media. We must FIGHT THE POWER and live up to our potential as dynamic, unbelievable and phenomenal people.

We must not believe the hype but we must become the hype. We are not Harriett Tubman, Marcus Garvey, MLK, Malcolm X, Booker T. Washington, Carter G. Woodson, W.E.B. DuBois, the Black Panther Party, SNCC, or any other activists but we are the fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, uncles, aunties, and relatives of those who came before us to pave the way for us to FIGHT THE POWER! We are not next Generation of leaders who will not be honored and praised until they die but that’s the fight we accept. We are not fighting the power for glory or fame but we are fighting the power for just causes that most men and women will not understand until years or decades later.

We are fighting for our sisters and brothers in Darfur, Georgia, Iraq, Iran, China and Mexico. We are speaking for those who are poor and have no food or water. We are fighting for those who are sick and dying. We are fighting for universal healthcare across the world and human rights for all people. We are fighting for rich and poor! We must FIGHT THE POWER no matter how hard and tough the road may be. We must FIGHT THE POWER for a better today and an even greater tomorrow!



“People Get Ready” our time is coming! We have come too far to turn back now. Our train is coming and it is coming in waves. “People Get Ready”, we don’t need a ticket but we need faith and the Lord will help guide us as we take back America and the world. “People Get Ready” our moment is now and we are ready to see the change we want in America and the world. All we got to do is have faith, hope and prosperity. “People Get Ready” to face your fears. “People Get Ready” to face your demons and the challenges of yesterday because today and tomorrow we will conquer & be victorious. “People Get Ready” a change is coming and our actions will make sure that change is a real positive change that lasts forever.

“People Get Ready” because we have had enough of just talking but now is our time to show action. “People Get Ready” to take back America and the world. “People Get Ready” to take back our communities and to make our streets safer and schools better. “People Get Ready” to make all our dreams come true. “People Get Ready” to see a better present for everyone and a better future for future generations. “People Get Ready” to live up to your potential and to help others live up to their own potential. “People Get Ready” to move past hatred, bigotry, racism and sexism. “People Get Ready” to fulfill the dreams of those who came before us and those who will come after us.

“People Get Ready” as we make our actions speak louder than our words. “People Get Ready” to make words mean something again as we put action to back up our rhetoric. “People Get Ready” as we embark on a new journey that will re-write America’s history as well as the world’s history. “People Get Ready” as we make the lives of others better and the lives of future generations better. “People Get Ready” because all we need is faith, hope and action to make this world a better place. “People Get Ready” to make a difference. “People Get Ready” to fulfill the American dream. “People Get Ready" to live out the American Dream as our founding fathers wanted us to live it. “People Get Ready” because our time is now, our moment is now and our moment in time to change America & the world is not now but right now. “People Get Ready” because a change is coming!

(Let me tell you now)
People get ready, there's a train comin'
You don't need no baggage, you just get on board
All you need is faith to hear the diesels hummin'
You don't need no ticket, you just thank the lord

People get ready, for a train to Jordan
Picking up passengers coast to coast
Faith is the key, open the doors and board them
There's hope for all among those loved the most

There ain't no room for the hopeless sinner
Who would hurt all man kind just to save his own (believe me now)
Have pity on those whose chances grow thinner
For there's no hiding place against the kingdoms throne

[Alicia & Lyfe]
So people get ready there's a train coming
You don't need no baggage, you just get on board
All you need is faith to hear the diesels humming,
You don't need no ticket, you just thank the lord


God Bless the U.S.A. by Lee Greenwood

Lee Greenwood-god bless the U.S.A